Kavita Torzonn


-Sanjiv Verekar

In this concrete jungle
Since long
I am an ignoramus
Frantically trying to search
The lost melody of humanness
But in vain
I don't find it,
Neither could I attune to the melody.

In this jungle,
No jungles, no trees
No birds, no animals
Here reside Muzawar, D'souza
Singh, Kamat, Naik, Gawde
Various such human robots.

No splendour of Chavath here
Neither the pomp of Dussera
No magnificence of Diwali
Of course are there Narkasurs
All around.

In this arena,
Whenever someone's father passes away
Mother or brother pass away
Sister or son pass away
No one bitterly cries
No one weeps and sobs
They are awefully afraid
Someone may label them rustic
So ethical values
Never germinate or sprout here
But still in this concrete jungle
I am an ignoramaus too
Searching the lost melody of humanness!

(Translated from Konkani by Mukesh Thali)